Friday, March 16, 2007

Nanotech Saviour

Nanotech Stocks Outperform In 2007-2008

London-based nanotech analyst company Cientifica has published a report asserting that nanotech is actually just greentech in disguise.

The report specifically points to six major ways in which nanotechnology is contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. The six technologies discussed are all available now or within the next two years, and some have been making stealthy inroads into global industry for as long as a decade. The six areas mentioned in the report are: aerogels, thin film solar, fuel borne catalysts, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and nanocompsite materials.

I've said many times that nanotech (and genetic engineering) will play an enormous role in our energy future, and obviously that extends to environmental issues. Keep in mind the timing of this: We're approaching peak oil and getting serious about emissions of greenhouse gases, even as we're taking our first tiny steps with nanotechnology. Expect to see some spectacular breakthroughs in the coming years, as well as technology and business failures.


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