Sunday, April 01, 2007

One-Year Meals

Mountain House Year's Supply Entrees

#10 size cans of Mountain House's premium quality freeze-dried foods (25-years shelf-life) packed into 6 cases for easy storage at US$850.

For those desiring a year's worth of dinner entrees for one person. Enjoy fast, delicious tasting meals anytime with no preparation hassles or cooking. Just add water and eat.

Mountain HouseĀ® freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight nitrogen packed #10 cans. The canning process uses both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing. The food has the longest shelf life available, up to 30 years.

Each can is coated with a protective enamel inside and out for double protection, including the lid. The can contents are protected until ready to open and use. After opening, it is recommended to use the content within 2 to 3 weeks for best results and taste.

The freeze-dried foods are easy to prepare - just add hot water, wait 10 minutes and eat. If a heat source is not available, room temperature or cold water can be used. Because no cooking is needed, these foods require much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen or dehydrated foods.

Milk, Dairy Premium Instant Non-Fat

Key Information
* Estimated Shelf-Life: 8-10 years
* Weight per can: 3 lb, 12 oz.
* Approximate Servings: 76
* Suggested Retail: US$23.99


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