Sunday, April 01, 2007

MRE Information

Meal, Ready-to-Eat

MRE stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat. MREs are meant to be completely self-contained meals that provide all the nutrition to sustain oneself. Typical contents include entree, side dish, crackers, peanut butter/cheese spread, desert, instant coffee/tea, matches, toilet paper, spoon, and a heater to heat the main entree. While everything in an MRE can be eaten cold, it usually tastes better warm.

How long MREs last depends on how long they are stored and at what temperatures they are stored. At the least, they'll last 1 month at 50 degrees Celsius. Or they could last 130+ months at 15 degrees Celsius. The average number for MRE freshness is 3 years at 26.67 degrees Celsius.

One major difference between the military MRE and civilian MRE is that civilian MREs have around 800-900 calories per meal. Military MREs have 1300 calories per meal.

If you want to buy civilian MREs, one place that has great customer service is Myers Custom Supply (US$57 per case of Sopakco MREs). Another place to check out is The Epicenter. Choose Sopakco Sure-Pak II - the best, most food.

Sopakco Sure-Pak 12 - this is the one civilian MRE that is most comparable to the military MRE. All food components are exactly the same as those in the military MREs. Each Sure-Pak 12 meal containts: 12 main entrees, 12 side dishes, 12 desserts, 12 crackers, 12 spreads, 12 beverage poweders, and 12 coffees.


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