Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rabbit Meat

Colony-style rabbit raising is a meat rabbit management method that, at its most basic, is simply putting a group of doe rabbits and a buck or two in an escape-proof area and allowing them to do as nature intended. Keep 4 to 6 breeding does and 1 or 2 bucks on hand at any given time, plus their litters.

To the upside, the amount of work for the keeper is efficiently minimized - keeping the communal feeders and waters filled is about it. Another plus is that production of offspring can be maximized. To the downside: It can be very rough on the does. They are capable of getting pregnant again the day they give birth. With no breaks, their bodies are under a tremendous amount of strain.

Butchering Time (About 8 weeks of age)

Modified Colony-style: Cycle the buck (or bucks) through the colony on a periodic basis but keep them separate (but adjacent) the rest of the time. This dramatically cuts down on the wear and tear on the does. It also allows us to regulate the number of litters and frequency of butcher days.

With just 4 does and one buck, it is possible to harvest 25-40 rabbits once a month. If kept frozen continuously, rabbit's meat will be safe indefinitely. For best quality, use frozen whole rabbit within a year; pieces within 9 months.


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