Sunday, April 01, 2007

Solar Charger

Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp

The Petzl Tikka Plus is an incredible headlamp. There are three intensity modes, plus blinking, all controlled by a single button. The ‘low’ setting is easily bright enough for any indoor task. The lamp will operate for 150 hours in the low intensity mode on a single set of three AAA batteries. The build quality is excellent and weather resistant.

It’s simple to stockpile batteries, or, better yet, get yourself a solar battery charger and a few sets of rechargeable AAA batteries.

4 Watt 250 MA 12V Mono-Crystalline Solar Battery Charger Kit

This solar charger has one 12V cigarette lighter outlet to attach any car adapter to recharge cell phones, I-Pod, MP3 Players, and other electronics devices. It even can recharge a 12V car battery. It recharges the 10 built-in rechargeable AA NIMH batteries in 4hrs.

All our Solar chargers are using the best Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells. Amorphous or Dual Junction Solar Glass - cheapest but only 7% energy efficiency and 5 years service life. Poly-Crystalline - 25 plus years service life and 13% efficiency. Mono-Crystalline - 25 plus years service life and up to 20% efficiency.


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